Drunk Hannah Writes Notes to Sober Hannah - Sober Hannah Not Impressed

Drunk notes are the best!  Much better than drunk tweets...you ever go on Twitter at like 3 am and try to disagree with someone with an egg avi?  Yeesh!  Could start a fucking war on there...

No joke.

Anyways, so there's a sheila named Hannah (a film student in Melbourne) who likes to get her pub on (drinking age in Australia is 18) and write drunk memos to her future self.  The results are questionably helpful and pretty bitchy but the only thing I'm thinking is that I would SO party with drunk Hannah.   

Check out the notes, complete with Hannah's Tumblr captions >

"The one time I wasn't being a dick to future me."

"I saw three of my best friend's penises."

"I woke up with swollen feet and old gum on my sheets."

"There's a video of a brazilian (sic) dude teaching me to pickpocket strangers."

"Turns out it was a mixture of soggy popcorn and vodka."

"I was pulling glass out of my feet for literally weeks."

"I had to throw the shoes out."

The notes are from 2012 and no new ones have been posted since so it's unclear whether or not drunk H-Dog and sober Hannah were ever able to coexist.

I like to think so.    

Images Via www.generalbooty.tumblr.com

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