Miley Cyrus "Accidentally" Submitted an S&M Tape to a Porn Fest

Who hurt you girl?

Looks like Miley Cyrus' team is none to happy that their Schwarzenegger banging, tittay showing supastar's Tongue Tied video was almost showcased at an NYC Porn Film Festival.

Hate it when that happens...

The video in question isn't actually porn at all and doesn't have any of Miley's shit on display but is about "strapping it down with electrical tape" whatever the fuck that means.  It's actually not even new - it's the video she used to open last years Bangerz tour.  Simon Leahy (festival founder) said that they chose the non-porn because "It's a pop take on S&M.  She's starting to become more of a contemporary artist."


Anywho, her handlers pulled the flick and played all stupid face about what it was going to be used for when they were contacted by the festival.  One of them told the NY Post, "She did not instigate this festival submission and is not participating in any way.  It was presented as a 'shorts screening at the artist ran space Secret project Robot.'"  Emails the Post got their mitts on don't contain any mention of the porn film festival which jives with her keepers story and is kind of sketchy as fuck because I'm pretty sure the selling/borrowing of intellectual property requires a written contract.

Leahy claims that Miley Inc. "...didn't do their due diligence.  We asked to show it at the festival. Because the word porn is involved, basically the media has just sensationalized it and turned it into a click bait story."

Who did that?  I did that?  ;)

He went on to lament that "Even though we're using the word porn, we're not some cheap LA porn award festival."

Hahaha, that's a fucking porn burn, LA!  What the hell?

For those of you attending, it should be noted that Tila Tequila's sex tape Backdoored and Squirting (lol that's like stupid funny) will still be shown at the festival.

God really does take with one hand and give with the other...

Image Via www.breitbart.com

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