The Real Housewives Rejects - Where Are They Now???

Ever wonder what happens to a Real Housewife when Andy Cohen gives them the heave ho???  (Emphasis on the word ho.)  Well, wonder no more nosy people!  I've got the goods broken down by show and though some of them are doing just fine and dandy, others have been dealt a much shittier (and much less glamorous) hand...

Real Housewives of OC

Kimberly Bryant was an original gangsta on OC but left after season 1.  She moved to Chicago with her family due partially to health issues stemming from skin cancer though the OC Register ran a story about Scott Bryant being sued for battery (against a woman!  ACK!) at a party that seemed to be the real reason for the departure - who the hell really knows?  Bryant still lives in Chicago, and other than some charitable appearances and guest spots on the show, stays far from the spotlight.

Slade Smiley's ex, Jo de la Rosa, got a record deal from her singing on the show in season 2 (yeah right) with Immergent Records and her first album Unscripted was released in the Summer of 2008.  She told everyone that she was "...back in the studio working on her second album" and that "...her new single, 'A Good Thing' [was] due to come out in Spring 2010 with a brand new music video!!!"  It hasn't come out yet and it would seem her music career is now as defunct as her website.

In 2008 Jo played a "busty secretary" (lol) in a web series called Squeegees that aired online only and was in a movie called Changing Hands in 2010 where she played "Unaware Victim."  Check out the trailer - it's a fucking hoot!  Doesn't even look like a real movie!  She's not in it but for some effed up reason Kevin Sorbo is!  Other than all that, word on the street is that she is a waitress/bartender at a karaoke bar in or around Anaheim.

And oh yeah, on a reunion episode of RHOC, Gretchen Rossi admitted that Slade Slimey and his buddy (Jo's producer) talked her into buying De La Rosa's non-selling music catalogue (probably so he could collect a big fat check.)  Shady, shady...Movin' on!

Lauri Waring Peterson was on the show for 3 and a half seasons before leaving due to family obligations and basically her family life is just a big ol' mess.  Her son Josh is in and out of jail on drug charges (though as of 2012 it looks like he's married now with a baby), hubby George has a son who is also in trouble most of the time, his ex-wife (and Dennis Rodman's ex-girlfriend) Gina Peterson has come out publicly (and on YouTube - check that link out - it's crazy!) about George being a scumbag who's responsible for the alienation between her and her 4 kids with him and there was even some weird fake kidnapping thing with George's youngest Bria.  Other than her hectic private life, it seems a book is in the works for the former reality star.  She is still with George and living in Orange County.

Quinn Fry lasted only one season on the show but still shows up in the background every now and then looking like a dumbass.  She was last seen attending that nasty finale party this past season where Tamra Barney threw a drink in Fry's BFF Jeana Keough's shocked face in an explosion of reality TV awesomeness (wearing that damn blonde wig no less!  Burn that shit already!).  She claims she never knew why the show dumped her ass and that's probably true (Bravo NEVER states why these women are cut loose) but has always alluded that the other housewives basically voted her Christian behind off the island - some blogs say she angered viewers with her preachy 'tude - watch out Alexis! 

Best I can tell, she's stayed out of the spotlight since the show and lives in Balboa with her son Colin.  She is single (according to her Twitter) and works as an internet marketing manager.  She is still very close friends with Keough as well as Tammy Knickerbocker.

Speaking of Tammy Knickerbocker, she left the show after season 3 largely due to the passing of her ex-husband Lou Knickerbocker and the effect that his untimely death had on her two daughters.  After the show she started an entertainment company called Veriya.com that has since disappeared and she also did some marketing for Vicki Gunvalson's Coto Insurance.  Tammy started a charity called Housewives4Housewives which seems to have gone tits up as well and now all she tweets/talks about is some weight loss program called Final Inches.  She appeared in a spot for them in March and I'm thinking she works with them in some sort of branding capacity.  No other recent info could really be found on her though Quinn tweeted she lived near Tammy so she is located somewhere in the Balboa area.

Megan is apparently in nursing school and no word on what Lindsey is up to - she appeared in a video for hair removal so maybe she's still trying her hand at modelling.  Here's a recent pic from thedirty.com of Tammy and Megan and some pics of Lindsey getting her party on with some assorted skanks - including Lou's girlfriend assistant Christen from the show.  

Jeana Keough bounced in season 5 when shit started getting ugly!  She was quite vocal about her flailing real estate business and ended up moving on to another show on Bravo, Thintervention.  Keough reappears sometimes on the show and of course her nosy ass was the target of that damn aforementioned drink thrown at the finale party by Barney.  Her hots for relationship with Barney's ex-husband Simon has been what has kept her somewhat in the toxic mix though I don't think we'll be seeing to much of her on season 7.  According to her facebook page she is still in real estate and is dating Simon someone.

Kara Keough graduated from college, moved to Florida and is dating Jacksonville Jaguars Linebacker and UCLA graduate Kyle Bosworth.  Shane was released from the Kane County Cougars last year, lives in the OC and sells wedding packages from his mother’s Coto de Caza home (she rents out her home for weddings to make some extra bank.)  Little Colton Keough was selected in the 49th Round of the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft by the Seattle Mariners.  He will play for them in the 2011 season.  

Lynne Curtin was ousted after season 5 but showed up more than once in season 6 - she also made a bit of a surprise appearance in the lost footage episode where she tore Gretchen Rossi a new one for her bullshit line of handbags.  She was replaced by Peggy Tanous (again reason unknown) but methinks those bratty little bitches, Alexa and Raquel may have had something to do with it.  Those two were a lawsuit waitin' to happen!  Lynne is still hawking crap online via her website and though she had mentioned that she was going to have a new show when she got the axe, nothing appears to have happened with that.

The aforementioned bratty little bitches have only been seen on the internet in some gnarly pics (PS - that's just one of many) on thedirty.com being nekkid and looking stoned out of their minds.  There's even a YouTube vid (isn't there always?) of Raquel acting a drunk fool online.  According to Raquel's facebook she is designing purses for her mom between raves (people still rave?) and Alexa seems to be unemployed and out-slutting her sister seems to be her only hobby.

UPDATED 06/06/12:  Lynn announced that she and Frank will be divorcing after 20 some years...She is the one who wants to file and he seems against it.  Check it out here.

Peggy Tanous of season 6 is a non-returning housewife for season 7 after being showered in a season of negativity from Jesus Barbie, Alexis Bellino, herself.  Girlfriend held her own though...letting Alexis know that she was riding Jim long before she was.  Though it's not totally clear if she left or didn't receive a comeback card from Bravo (she says the former and Bravo hasn't commented) she will be missed - Like Lynn Curtin, she was a little bit of calm amongst a shitload of crazy.  She was in the premiere episode of season 7 - it smells like a "friend of the Housewives" type sitch, a la Dana Wilkey, personally I hope she keeps reoccurring.  She's good shit, that one.

Real Housewives of New York

Bethenny Frankel is the only Housewife MIA from New York and thank god she got the fuck out of there!  Jesus Christ!  That last season was so...ANGRY!

No secret where Bethenny is - she's on the goddamn cover of Forbes magazine.  She has her own spin-off on Bravo called Bethenny Ever After and is living the high life after making uber-millions on booze, books and her boob job.  She lives with her husband Jason Hoppy and her daughter Bryn in Manhattan.  She is starting a skin care line and also has a line of Spanx ripoffs.

Frankel is also generally responsible for making Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon's peeny heads explode with jealousy on a daily basis.

UPDATED 12/25/12: Bethenny Frankel and superhubby Jason Hoppy will be divorcing after about 2 years.  They have only the one daughter Bryn and from what I've heard a pretty airtight prenup.  No Skinnygirl money for you Jason!

In 2011 Bravo made a bold ass move after the reunion from hell and fired FOUR housewives - something unheard of in the series.  Probably Possibly due to just too much bad behavior, Queen of Mean Jill Zarin, her sidekick crazy Kelly Bensimon, teeth-obsessed Cindy Barshop who may or may not be a broke ass now because of her firing and poor Alex McCord who seemed to just get caught in some crazybitch crossfire.  This was the largest firing en masse and should serve as a cautionary tale to the likes of Nene and Teresa...Bravo only puts up with so much crazy before you're replaced.  And make no mistake - you ARE replaceable, Andy don't care how rich you are, bitch. 

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Dina Manzo peaced out after that crazy bitch Danielle's attempts to drive her batty almost worked.  Post gong show at the Brownstone (remember that shit?  Where Danielle showed up with Hells Angels guys and that goomba Danny called Chris Manzo a faggot?  Holy contain the fuckery, woman!) Dina decided it was in her best interests to leave the show before Danielle had the chance to skin her and wear her like last year's Versace.  No word on cute little Lexi - after the allegations involving Staub though - methinks Dina just wanted to keep her faaar away from any of the mess.

UPDATED 06/02/13:  Dina announced a December separation from Tommy Manzo (Co-owner of the Brownstone and Albert Sr.'s brother) on twitter.  During this time she also landed a scripted TV show Tainted Dreams which has yet to be picked up.

Prostitution whore AKA Danielle Staub was fired (though she insists she quit) from the Jersey series last year after two seasons of REALLY CRAZY shit!  She left for two new shows and has yet to hit success with either.

Wealth TV (which is apparently a station, who knew?) picked up a show called Social (that's creative - pfft) which is in the vein of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  She plays a cuckoo, thinner, more orange Robin Leach who tours the homes of a bunch of no name celebrities.  The show suffered crappy ratings and it's unclear if it's going to be back on the non-station for another season.  She managed to find time to release two sex tapes and fight a few court battles in the meantime - one of which was brought on after she signed a stripping contract with Scores Clubs and reneged almost immediately after citing psychological issues.  Staub's crazy, criminal ass is now on VH1 on a failing show called Famous Food with has been Heidi Montag and professional whore Ashley Dupre.  She also "sings" and pretended to be a lesbian for a while but I'm not even going to go there...

Christine Staub is still modelling and Jillian (that poor kid!) is still being steamrolled into being a pop star.  Danielle even recently said that she had a song in the works with Justin Bieber - but that's obviously so fucking NOT true I can't even believe I'm writing it.  Jillian's father Tom Staub is fighting to gain custody of little Jillian because his ex-wife is fucking crazy he is worried about her and hopefully he wins - Jillian (and Christine mind you) deserve a better life.

Danielle Staub has since become a dial-a-star member but apparently it didn't work out too well because she's just filed bankruptcy...Ruh oh!  

Real Housewives of Atlanta

DeShawn Snow was recast almost immediately after season 1 of the Atlanta show allegedly because she wasn't ghetto enough was a snoozefest with a capital suck and I'll buy that - she was just a spoiled wife who sadly turned the other cheek to her husband's affairs.  After she was let go, Eric Snow left her for his pregnant mistress and she lost that fucking huge house they built and moved into on the show.  Meanwhile, her cousin was charged with stealing over $150k from the couple making it a pretty crap year for Miss Snow.

Oh and remember the pastor she was all about writing all those huge checks to because he was going to get her rich ass into heaven?  Yeah, well guess who turned out to be a the biggest piece of shit ever???  Turns out the pastor used the money given to his parish to seduce young men in the church with cars and jewelery.  Pedophiles make me SICK!  I hope he rots!

Snow's charities she was always harping about on the show are MIA on the internet and according to a recent US Weekly article she is looking to try her hand at scripted TV and hasn't closed the door on reality programming.  Good luck with all that lol.   

Lisa Wu Hartwell is also gone from the Atlanta series and is trying to go legit - she just finished a month-long shoot in Philadelphia on a murder/mystery film with actor/writer/director Charles Dutton called Must Be the Music and is also starring in an upcoming play at Ferst Center on the Georgia Tech campus called Stripped.  Hartwell left the show after she alleged many times that they wanted her to script parts of her life to make her character more interesting and she refused.  Only time will tell if she makes it as a real actress.  Her and her hot hubby Ed have since divorced, presumably over money issues, but neither will comment.  I heard somewhere she's now dating Theo Huxtable (Malcolm-Jamal Warner.)

Sheree Whitfield left the show in 2012 because it was allegedly so negative towards women (BTW - word! It's gettin' nasty in Hotlanta!)  Rumors of Kim Zolciak not returning for season five ran rampant when Wendy Williams announced she was fired but Zolciak insisted via twitter she would return for season five.

Real Housewives of Miami and DC

The Real Housewives of Miami should've just gone the way of DC and put everyone out of their misery.  There was some sort of annoying cluck-fest live reunion that basically hammered the final nail in their coffin in their first season...problem was, they had no Snooki-getting-punched moment - other than Christy Rice not paying for a charity event nothing brought any drama - merely yawns.

The Miami installment will be back on nonetheless for a second season - Andy tweeted he had faith in it or some such nonsense.  Larsa Pippen, Alexia Echevarria and Christy Rice will not be back but be prepared for a lot of mama Elsa on the new season - Andy really digs her for some reason.

The Real Housewives of DC was the first installment ever cancelled (and they managed to do it in one season no less.)  I imagine it was due to two things: 1) The show was too, for lack of a better word, "highbrow" for the usual Bravo Housewife fanatic and 2) They cast the freakin' Salahis in it - a pair who unapologetically crashed more than one political event and were responsible for basically stealing from charities and companies all the while smiling for the camera like a couple of constipated show dogs.  The formula wasn't there - you had all the drama but no one could relate.

(Note:  Michaele Salahi has since left her husband for Neal Schon of Journey fame and Tareq is suing them for $50 million...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Hell, it may have even just been too "real" for reality TV - and all that served to do is turn off people...and they, in turn, turned off their televisions.

(Last Updated on 06/06/12)

Image Via www.boston.com


  1. A TELL ALL website that contains irrefutable evidence that can't be denied will be available very soon!

    To clarify, Slayte, George's son was never in trouble - his dad did everything in his power to make him look like he was a bad kid, sending him to a therapeutic boarding school for reasons that will be outlined in the website. George is now suing that school (perhaps already settled) that was closed by the Feds on grounds of NEGLECT & ABUSE of the students (more like inmates). Now the youngest daughter is gone too and George refuses to tell the mom where he stashed her.

    There is too much to share here but as soon as the website is launced, you will read what really happened to the Brady kids! The website is a TELL ALL that will settle this crazy, sad story once and for all!

    Reality TV didn't help the Peterson kids who were already trying to cope with issues related to their abusive narcissistic so-called father. George didn't care how TV would compound their fragile emotions - it was more important for George to jump on the Reality TV train hoping to take his narcissism a step further. And Lauri did NOT leave the show due to family related issues (Josh) as she stated - she left after she and George were splattered all over the internet and outed for the real people they are. George's business stood too much to lose after the Orange County Register articles came out that were writen by columnist, Frank Mickadeit, who wrote about George and Lauri after being an eye witness to their actions, he even attended court hearings that he reported on! The articles is what caused George to pull the plug on the show, not Bravo or Lauri. Are you kidding? That would have been huge rating's for Bravo to have filmed what Mickadeit wrote about. Lauri had no choice but to leave since George had more money than Bravo was offering her. Too much at risk for George's business for them to remain on the show. Plain and simple!

    1. Sounds like a crazy ex-wife posting as anonymous but I COULD be wrong. Just sayn'

  2. I have no stance in either side of the Waring-Peterson drama, I reported what was immediately found and don't particularly want to get into the whole story. I appreciate your feelings on the matter though - Feel free to share your website link here. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I completely understand your take on the matter and appreciate your allowing the website link to be posted on your Blog.

    Hard to believe but there are many Housewives fans that are still interested in this ongoing saga.

    Thank You

  4. RHOM just started filming season 2. From Marysol's twitter feed.

    Supermodel Joanna Krupa joins and some platic surgeon wife.

    Cristy Rice and Larsa Pippen out.

  5. Except Kimberly, Lauri, Jeana, Tammy, Dina, Alexia nor Bethenny were given the Heave Ho by Andy Cohen.

    1. I wrote that as a joke - thought that was obvious... Thanks for commenting.

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  12. Thanks for sharing this post. I guess they should have a reunion. LOL! Just a thought, housewives have the privilege to make use of their time. They can generate steady income while staying at home,lose weight and take care of their babies.

  13. Don't have Bravo in Scotland so RH is on a variety of channels. Its my guilty pleasure! I'm currently watching season 2 and 4 of RHONJ simultaneously! It makes me laugh out loud particularly the parenting (or lack of).