Interview with Real World's Dustin Zito About Gay Porn Past

Ology had a pretty intense interview with the gay-for-pay reality hottie and here's what he had to say.

Where are you now?
I’m back in Louisiana now… just living the life, you know? I have a few projects I’m doing with some of my friends, and we’re just making things happen.
So what’s it like being well-known now?
I don’t let it get to me, you know? I don’t want to draw attention to it. I don’t want to dwell on it. Yeah, a little bit’s different, especially in my home town. I’ve gotten that chance to do a couple of appearances, so it’s always fun when you’re in that mode. But when I’m at home, when I’m going out with my friends, I kind of don’t like paying attention to it. I don’t like to think people are talking to me because I was on The Real World. I’ll talk to anybody!
So how did you end up auditioning for The Real World?
It kind of just happened… it was kind of one of those things where the opportunity fell in my lap, and I didn’t really think nothin’ of it until it was almost there. But there’s a point in time about halfway through where you really have to start getting serious. I guess the reason why I pursued it to that halfway point was to get some stuff off my chest.
What were some of those things?
When I grew up, I didn’t tell people that I had a drug addicted mother, or an abusive step dad. I just let people believe what they wanted to believe. I guess I carried myself with a bit of prestige… the way I carry myself, the way I talked, who I hung out with. But nobody really knew what my background was. Going into the house, that was something I had trouble talking about in the beginning. Being in Louisiana, if you come from a bad background, people judge you for it. All my life I’d running from being judged based on where I was from, and I’m 24 now and I’m at the point where I can say that’s not what matters anymore. A lot of people think my secret was my porn past, and honestly, that’s not really the only issue. I kinda took the opportunity to get it all off my chest.
Having to reveal these things to a group of strangers, were you worried about how your secrets would affect your cast mates?
Definitely. That was the biggest worry. I lost a lot of sleep over it. It was something where I thought about it every day. With the family [history]… it was a little different. Because Mike and Leroy had similar situations. Mike had a situation where he had an abusive stepdad; Leroy had a situation where his mom was addicted to drugs. And Nany had a situation where she never met her father. That aspect I could talk about.
What about your past in gay porn?
With the porn, it was one of those things where I was so scared to tell people right off the bat. I knew that if I did, it wasn’t going to end well. People were gonna put me in a category. I mean, first of all, Heather would have never talked to me. We would have never dated. Leroy and I would have probably never been friends; he would have passed me as the gay roommate right off the bat, because of [what I did]. The cast mates even admitted it, they were like, look if you were to come in and tell me straight off the bat I probably would have judged you; I probably wouldn’t have taken you for who you are. My whole scheme of telling people was: when was the right time?
Just me in general, you look at me and you don’t think that I would have done any of that. Even while I was doing it, people were like, “what are you doing? You don’t look like the type of cat who would do something like that.” I hate having to hide. I always have a smile on my face. I was always the most positive person in the room. And at 19 years old… I didn’t know what I want to do. I didn’t know anything. So I took that route… I just got riled in. It was supposed to be one of those things where you for a couple weeks and then you go back home.
How long were you there for?
Three years. It was a good while! It all started with the [Fratmen] video. And then the Fratpad opened, and I was one of the original cast members. So going into the Fratpad… nobody knew where that was gonna go. The first month there, I didn’t even take my clothes off. It was one of those things that was gradual. For the first month, you kinda just scope out the situation, chatting with the members. And then the bar gets raised. And over time, you get a comfort level of what’s going on. A lot of people think it was just one of those things where I threw all my inhibitions into the wind. It wasn’t… It was a gradual thing I grew with.
How exactly did you grow in the house?
Well, one of the things is, you grow with the house and the people. You grow learn to trust them. It’s kinda like a big fraternity. And after the years there’s a level of competition. And if after a while you get boring and the members don’t want to see you anymore, you know, you’re gone.
The video that I did with David, the one that’s a big deal… it was mainly because we had never done anything like that before. It was always solos; we’d never done a “duo” scene. And my boss came in and said he wanted to do one but didn’t know who would do it. And at that time, I had been there for a couple years and I was like, you know what? I’ll do it because I wanna see the company grow.
What made you decide to go ahead with it?
The guy that I chose to do it with (David), I trusted him. He was a cool guy, he came from a similar background, we had a lot in common, and there has to be a level of trust. Let’s face it; you’re already doing something you’re not comfortable with. With me, I was never homophobic or scared to be around guys making out. I’m comfortable with my sexuality. People like to hit you with “oh, well, you have to be gay! Some level of gay! You have to be!” And I’m like, no, I’m not! I’m attracted to women! Doing things with these guys… it doesn’t mean I like them. It’s the entertainment aspect. I was doing it to entertain. And that’s the god’s honest truth. And I’m comfortable with it.
So it’s just entertainment?
I’m not trying to cover anything up- is it that hard to grasp the concept that I’m comfortable enough with myself to do something with another guy for money? Is it that impossible? Can you not understand? Can your mind not fathom? The way I am… I guess I’m just a real comfortable person. And I don’t look at myself or put a stamp on my personality like “oh I’m gay because I did gay porn.” That has nothing to do with it.
So do you consider yourself 100% straight?
I AM 100% STRAIGHT! I have no desire to do anything with a guy! I’ve never had that desire. I don’t look at guys as attractive. A lot of people give me a lot of sh*t, but I don’t, I really don’t. People say to me, “but you did it!”, “I would never do this,” or “I would never do that.” And I’m like, ok, so YOU would never do it. So don’t do it! But don’t get on me about it. If there’s one person who knows they’re straight, and knows that they like girls, and they don’t like guys… it’s me! It’s just that I’ve done things with guys. And I know that I’m just not into it. I’m into chicks!
Alright, so let’s talk chicks! How about Heather?
Heather is an amazing girl. She’s exactly what I would hope for. In the beginning, I’m telling myself, don’t do this, it’s Vegas. But, you know, grandma’s watching this! I don’t want to be coming home with a different girl every night! With Heather, I could fight that initial attraction. But living with her, seeing her 24/7, of course I’m gonna develop feelings for her because she’s an awesome girl. By the second or third episode we’re together- but what people don’t know is that we had a lot of talks. We took our time. We both came into the house with that same mindset that we can do whatever we want. But we couldn’t fight it. We were naturally attracted to each other.
What happens with the two of you when your porn history comes up? Do you guys survive it?
That’s one of those things where you’re just going to have to watch. I won’t comment on it, because it’s such a big deal.
Can you tell us if you and Heather are together today?
(Laughs) I would rather not! I can say is that it’s extremely complex, and it’s one of those things that you have to watch break down in front of you. Even if I tried to describe it, it wouldn’t sound right without watching it.

Interesting guy...love when he says, "Can your mind not fathom? The way I am… I guess I’m just a real comfortable person. And I don’t look at myself or put a stamp on my personality like “oh I’m gay because I did gay porn.” That has nothing to do with it."

I could care less either way but come on buddy - own up - it has a little something to do with it!

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  1. Gay is gay.

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  5. i dont think he is gay

  6. I say if he says he isn't gay then he isn't gay. How are people going to tell someone they're when they really aren't? Or when they don't even know the person. That's all I'm saying if you think other wise then your just plain stupid.

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  11. Not gay. Just had a certain... moral flexibility (like John Cusack's character in Grosse Point Blank) that allowed him to do this stuff and think of it as no big deal. I get it and can see ow it's possible. Dude should have stayed away from making homophobic comments on the show, though. Seems to me like he just wanted o it in.

  12. I totally understand what he's saying. Never had gay sex and I have no desire to, but he was a sex worker, he wasn't having gay sex because of an attraction to men. If he ends up having sex with men for fun, then he should re-evaluate his sexuality, but for now I can see why he identifies as straight.

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