Some Crazy Bitch In Delaware Ripped Her Ex-Boyfriend's Scrotum Off

DAMN!  That's so meeaaannn!

Peep this scrotum lovers >

Back in the day (2012) in Indiana there lived a cold blooded bitch named Christina Reber who literally ripped a guys balls half off about a week after he broke up with her.

Woman!  Guys need those!

Apparently, Nick Ramsey was just chillin' out one night "on the computer" (aka watching porn) when his crazy ex girlfriend Christina Lorena Reber just up and walked into his house.  Startled, Nick turned to confront her but before he knew it she started slappin' the hell outta him.

Evidently, the lovely Christina stank of booze and broken hearts and when Nick tried to slow her abusive roll she went for the testes!    

The sack whack, the ball brawl...the nut cut...

Christina grabbed Nick's scrotum with all her jilted ex might and pulled like hell!  His nutsack would never be the same...

Who does shit like that?

She fled the scene and was captured but is just now being sentenced to 2 years - which seems pretty low considering she yanked someone's goddamn scrotum off.  Nick was treated for massive blood loss at Ball Hospital (yeah, you read that right) and apparently the poor guy continues to feel pain and when it swells up it makes it hard to walk.  Awwww.

Not cool, lady!  How would you feel if someone tried to rip your tittays off?!?!?

That's right.  It would fucking suck.

Image Via www.dailymail.co.uk

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