Ack! ISIS is Luring Western Women with Kittens, Nutella and Emojis

Fucking looooove Nutella...

I don't usually rock my terrorist opinion in blog form because I find it opens all sorts of crazypeople doors but this little tidbit of information has me buggin'.

Straight up buggin'!

CNN (hit up that link for the vid) is reporting that ISIS is a fan of utilizing social media to lure western women.

Ai'ight...Makes sense, I'm with you...gimme some tips...save me from myself...

BUT then they go on to report just how ISIS is using social media to lure women - apparently the crafty bastards are using pictures of Nutella, kittens and emojis to make women think that ISIS is 'Jihadi Cool' (not my term) essentially making us want to join up.

ERT!  Back that ass up.  I don't like Nutella that much.

I skimmed through a few of the other articles and evidently they really do believe the use of such images will make women like me think that everything's all hunky dory.

Oh sure, I may need to behead a few people but fuck it, they've got kittens!


Bitch please.

Image Via www.twitter.com

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