Ottawa Opens Purrfect Cafe - First Ever Cat Cafe

Okay, okay, okay, so it's not as jaja as Starbucks or even Tim Horton's but do those giant corporate caffeine slingers offer free cats, coffee and snacks?  

Sure don't.

Well!  Ottawa just opened the Purrfect Cafe on 331 Cooper Street, a drop-in program that offers free drinks, food and wifi to anyone who wants to relax, hang out and nap (nap?) with some cutie patootie kitties from the Village Kitten Rescue.  

Genius!  I love it.  Cats for everyone!

Kayla Miller - who thought up the free cat cafe - says, "It's good to have a program that forces us to stop and be in the moment and enjoy the cats that are here to give people comfort.  If people are having a bad day, they can just come and pet a cat and it does wonders for your mental health."

Word to your mother.

A patron, Eleanor Upshall who is a self-proclaimed cat whisperer (recognize) said, "I don't feel fulfilled in life unless I'm holding a cat."

Does anyone?

Another customer, 28 yo Kat Murley, said the cafe gives her a place where she can relax and not "have to worry about hiding myself."

Don't hide girl!

"It's just the experience of sitting quietly and calmly petting them. Just sitting with a warm purring cat on your lap, you can't really beat that."

I am so on board with that statement.

From the Ottawa Citizen > 

Most of the kittens range from six months to a year old, and many have special needs. Bobby has no tail, for example, and Charlie is missing part of his tongue. Despite this, several of the animals have already been adopted from the café and Miller said approaching other rescue centres could be an option in the future, although "I don't want people to mistake us for a cat rescue. We're a cat café."

Poor Charlie!  Bobby NOOOO!

The Purrfect Cafe is open on the third Tuesday of every month from 3:30-6:30 p.m.  Check it out and help save a kitty cat if you can.  :)

Image Via www.ottawacitizen.com

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