Kid Buys Angry Birds Toy at Target - Finds 85 Grams of Pot Inside

Oh shit.  

When a kid in Brampton Ontario bought a $5.41 Angry Bird Telepod game at a local Target he got a little more than just the crappy game he wanted.

Kid scored 85 grams of free pot to boot!    

When the 4 yo brought the toy home and had trouble opening the box he asked his mom for help.  That's when she realized that there was a large bag of mary jane in the package.

Her and her husband brought the bag to the popo who "...went to the Target location and searched other toy boxes, but didn't find any more drugs."  They are also searching surveillance footage and checking to see if the toy may have been returned by some sorry ass stoner who got all confused, put his dealbag into a toy box, returned it to Target for some reason and is now missing his weed stash.

Tar-Jay gave the kid a replacement toy sans pot but his ma Monika Milewska says she is "...still not happy."

Says the kids mom > "That night my son was horrified.  He could not sleep on his own and kept asking us questions - why was it in his toy? Who put it there? What was it?"

Lewis Pagayatan, the kid's dad said, "He's four years old,  You shouldn't be explaining to your four-year-old son about drugs, you know?"

Though I do agree that is is majorly fucked up that a 4 yo kid saw this shit, Mom and dad need to slow their roll a bit - I'm pretty sure the lil' bugger isn't going to be screwed up for life.    

Just tell him it was some oregano or something...he'll be cool. 

Target is partnering with law enforcement to investigate and urges anyone with info to call Crimestoppers.

Image Via www.ctvnews.ca

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