Video of the Day! Brandi Glanville Talks Leann Rimes' "Twee-Hab" On WWHL

Kitty has claws!  Rawr!

I don't like to play faves with the Housewives but letsbereals, Brandi Glanville is awesome!  She's not going to let the bitch who stole her manz just do some dumb shit and not comment.  So when asked about LeAnn's recent rehab stint on WWHL - she told everyone wuzzup!

For those of you not in the loop LeAnn basically fucking snapped on Twitter one day because she can't handle her shit people were bothering her or some such nonsense and she broke down and went to rehab for it (and exhaustion.)


Check out the vid >

By the way, as someone who is fucking always on Twitter (@bungledbotched) you gotta just BLOCK AND ROLL, yo!  Don't let some asshat get to you in some jerk snippets of 140 letters or less...that's just crazy...

And NO ONE wants to bang the crazy bitch on twitter!

Image Via www.toofab.com (Video ScreenGrab)

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