Half a Million People Signed this Petition to Get Trump Outta Macy's

Lol - Ouch!

Trump's having a helluva couple of weeks!  First he barfed out that superfuckingcrazy YouTube video basically accusing the POTUS of being a lying fraud who isn't even a US citizen, THEN he had a meltdown on twitter when Obama was re-elected (even calling for a revolution and march on Washington!  WTF???) and then he proceeded to throw a bitch fit on anyone out there (anyone famous) who dared to call him out for being nothing more than a billionaire troll with too much damn time on his hands and a twitter account.

Though I kind of live by the "just don't look" adage (though that's harder with a media whore like Trump) it would appear that some people are taking a different approach.  A petition approach!

Just under 5 million people (479704 last I checked) have signed a petition to get the Trumpster's China-manufactured products out of Macy's.  Zing!  They basically call him a racist sexist who doesn't believe in climate change and hypocritically ships all Trump manufacturing to China.  Yikes!

I don't hate Trump (though I think he has a big mouth) I used to actually looove Trump - my ass read The Art of the Deal when I was like 13.  He was a businessman back then though - someone to be respected - seems now all he is is a bitchy twitter account with a bad avatar.

And that's just really damn sad.

Image Via www.tfsmetalreport.com

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