This is What Jean Sandal Boots Looks Like

Anyone got $140 to blow on some ugly shit?

Over on Etsy there's an Israeli chick named Danielle and she makes jean shoes - More specifically, she makes jean sandal boots.  Yepper, she makes jean sandal boots, just chew on that fashion faux pas for a moment.

Still can't picture it?  Well BAM! >

The Etsy site boasts that > "These are handmade, high quality sandals/boots, comfortable and fun that never go unnoticed! Since each pair is completely made by hand and from one pair of vintage jeans, there are no two pairs alike!"

Handmade!  No shit!  This chick just cut up some of her jeans and glued 'em to her flip flops!  Huzzah!

There are some other designs but they're all pretty similar - the only unique ones were a pair with some god awful leopard print on it - Snooki-Style!

Boom! >

The feedback on NoTaste McUglyShoes site is 100% positive but I should probably tell you that there's only one review and I'm willing to bet cash it's self-published.

I don't think Jimmy Choo has too much to worry about...

Images Via www.etsy.com

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  1. Geeeezus! That is some truly hideous shit!!