Liz and Dick Drinking Gaaaaame!!!

So, with Lindsay Blohan's fifteenth fucking comeback coming up, I'm thinking we should all take a break from mocking her (I still kind of maintain most of the fuckedupedness comes from her 'rents) and get our DRINK on!  Let's drink to her new half sister, let's drink to her latest straight to her TV flick and let's drink to her not pro-creating!

Them's the rules >>>>

Drink everytime...

-"Liz" takes a drink on screen (alcoholic or not - at this point does it really matter?)
-"Dick" stares at "Liz's" ginormous tittays
-"Liz" get's married/divorced (that's approx 14 right there so thank me later mothers...)
-Gretchen Wieners shows up (her father invented Toaster Strudels)
-You see "Liz's" nipples
-"Dick" is called Dick instead of Richard.
-Michael Jackson shows up - take two if he has that poor fucking monkey Bubbles with him - take three if Macaulay Culkin is there
-Elizabeth Taylor rolls over in her grave (this one will happen a lot so keep an extra drink nearby...)

There you go - I work Sunday nights so I may be catching this shit on the rebound but if I hit my deadline early check for me on twitter (@bungledbotched) live tweeting...I can be fairly funny once the caesars be flowin'...

Letsbereals The only thing better than a really good movie is a really, really bad one...

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