Video of the Day! Jenelle Evans Really Like Loooves Ke$ha (Teen Mom 2)

Oh snap! Ya'll watch this Teen Mom 2 trash?

I torture my man by insisting it play on the big TV Monday nights (fuck football) and Jenelle is having a BANNER season!

(Shout out to Babs though, her feisty and superawesome doughboy makin' mom, girlfriend's my jam!)

Backstory > Little Miss ThinksShesAThug has been on probation this season. She gets drug tested once a week or month or something because she smokes weed with guys in hoodies on her mom's porch while her kid's inside. Jenelle violated her probation in last week's ep by failing said drug test and this week she has to meet with her sexy lawyer Dustin (rawr!) in a shitty diner to talk about her options.  She seems down to take less jail time until she realizes that taking that sweet deal may ruin her chance to see her idol in concert so she tries to explain the magic that is Ke$ha to him...a grown man...a lawyer...lol.  Asshole.

Roll 'em!


"That's why I got all these feathers in my hair" she says??? "I bought clothes for this concert" she says??? She doesn't mention her son Jace being a deciding issue when going to jail but fucking Ke$ha is a factor?!?!

PS - by the end of the ep she had failed yet another drug test (a pop-in one) and was arrested on the spot. No word if she made it to the stupid concert...wait! I forgot..."It's not a concert, it's like Ke$ha..."

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  1. Hahahaha! "You don't understand...she's, like, my IDOL!"

    I do watch this trash, and this scene had me in tears...way too funny. Even her lawyer was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

    As a sidenote, I discovered your blog via a friend and I am loving it.

    1. Haha - Jenelle's a triiip! Thanks for the compliment/comment. Cheers! @bungledbotched