Anderson Cooper's Talk Show is Dunzo

Aw!  Who fires the Silver Fox, man!?!  A goddamn POX on your house whoever axed him!  (See how I classed this shit up with some Shakespeare?  That's for youuuu, Anderson!!!)

BUT > I'll admit, as much as I looove me some Anderson (getting him to marry Andy Cohen is on my bucket list - POWER COUPLE!!!) I never really watched his daytime show too much.

When I did tune in, it was all right I suppose...It's daytime though, you know?  It's Maury Pauvich yelling "You ARE the father!!!" and Rachael Ray making stupid fucking cupcakes - but in my estimation he held his own in the sunnier hours.  Turns out I wasn't the only one not tuning in and apologizing to Real Housewives for no good reason and talking to Mama Boo Boo about her forklift foot didn't bring the newsman high enough ratings to bring his talk show into a 3rd season.

In a statement to Us Weekly he said, "I am very proud of the work that our terrific staff has put into launching and sustaining our show for two seasons.  I am also grateful to Telepictures for giving me the opportunity, and indebted to viewers, who have responded so positively. I look forward to doing more great shows this season, and though I'm sorry we won't be continuing, I have truly enjoyed it."

Guy like NEVER fails so despite what he says it still prob smarts like a bitch.  But hey, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour, right?

See ya back on CNN you beautiful bastard.  (PS - I heard Andy wants to express his condolences over a candlelit dinner so you should definitely call marry him!)

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