Theater Accidentally Plays Paranormal Activity 4 Instead of Madagascar 3


Some soon-to-be-unemployed jackass over at the Cineworld Cinema in the UK made a bit of an oh-oh when he accidentally played Paranormal Activity 4 instead of Madagascar 3 to a crowd of approx. 25 families with small kiddies.

BTW - Maybe if they didn't make all these sequels people wouldn't be so confused!  It's always part this or episode that with Hollywood these days...bunch of worthless idiots...

Anyways, about two minutes of the horror flick played and I guess the first scene is no joke - the movie opens on "the most terrifying scene in the first film" where a body shoots full pelt towards the camera.

Well!  Apparently the little buggers can't handle their horror movies, lost their shit and freaked the hell out causing alarmed parents to shield their precious eyes and run from the theater clutching them in their arms.  One mother said that it was enough to "scar them for life."

Gimme a break!

Kids these days need to nut the fuck up!  I saw TONS of scary movies when I was a jerk kid and I'm not all messed up...

Well, not like, super messed up.

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