J.K.Livin Got Married - PICS

DAAAMN!  I love me some nekkid bongo playing unmarried Matthew McConaughey!  

But alas, another one bites the dust...

This past Saturday superfine M. McConaughy tied the knot with Camila Alves AKA Levi's baby mama.

UsWeekly reports that there were about 100 people in attendance and the wedding had a distinct "high-end campout theme."

Stupid saccharine unsourced quote of the day goes to this little gem of a chick thing to say, "There was a moment when...[Matthew] leaned down and whispered something in [Camila's] ear and you could see a tear coming down her face.  Everyone let out a collective sigh."

Aw - well, let's all just poop out some rainbows and kittens, shall we?

Romantic distrust and disgust aside though - Congrats!

Just keep livin', man.

UPDATED 13/06/2012:  Here's some pics of the nuptials...(Via People Magazine)

Image Via www.thehockeyjunkies.blogspot.com

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