The Dingo DID Eat Her Baby! Famous 1980 Case Is Finally Resolved

Freakin' dingos!

Back in the day, before the O.J. Simpson case divided us as a nation, another case was pretty famous for creating mad controversy and doing the same.  The case involved a mother, a missing baby and of course, a dingo.

The gist >While camping in 1980 in Australia, Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton and her husband Michael were panic-stricken when they say a dingo took their little girl Azaria from their tent.  Authorities got involved and ruled that out because it sounds totally shady (Aussies generally think that dingos aren't strong enough to do something like that) - they concluded that the mother was responsible for the baby's death.  She served time in jail for the crime and Meryl Streep played her in a movie.

On Tuesday a dingo expert (cool job) and a coroner in the case were in agreement that a dingo could have and did take the baby.

The Creightons are over the moon because their names are cleared now.

I gotta say it, taking a baby camping is whack!  Especially one less than a year old...and in Australia, man?  That place is home to 99% of the deadliest creatures on earth (that's not a real fact but I bet it's close!), you can't just be laying a baby in a flimsy ass tent down under and expect him not to look like a juicy pork chop to a wild animal.  It's not their fault or anything, but it's sad things shook out like that...so unavoidable.

RIP Azaria.  

Image Via www.en.wikipedia.org

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