Video of the Day! Lady Gaga Gets Whacked with a Pole

When I first saw this trolling along the ticker tape on GMA this morning I crossed my fingers and whispered Please be a stripper pole, please be a stripper pole... because I would like to see that.

That's messed up, right?

Well, it wasn't a stripper pole (dammit) but ripoff queen Lady Gaga is still hurtin', yo!  A back-up dancer  smacked her huge, inflated egomaniacal head off of a pole during a concert while she was singing that song she got sued over, Judas.

Check out the vid >

Maybe if she didn't feel the need to make a damn spectacle of herself and had less SHIT on the stage while performing, this stuff wouldn't happen...

I mean really!  Take it down a notch, woman!

Image Via www.prince.org

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