Lauren Conrad is a Glamour Girl

Damn!  Looking good, LC!

The Laguna Beach rich girl is on the cover of Glamour Magazine's swimsuit issue and I for one am stoked to see someone with a real effing job on the cover of a mag for once.  Sure, she's no brain surgeon or anything, but if I have to look at JWowws breasts one more time while hittin' up the mini-mart I'm gonna blow chunks.

Nasty, sick-of-women-being-idiots chunks...

Anywho, in the upcoming ish she waxes poetic about cellulite, her Laguna Beach co-stars and what it was like behind the scenes of the uber-addictive Hills.  (Click Images To Enlarge.)

But, where is Heidi?  I don't see her disgustingly warped body anywhere???


Images Via www.glamourmagazine.com

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