Gordon Ramsey Sex Tape Donkeys


I don't know if y'all know this porno eye throwing trick - she's Sarah Symonds and she's some piece that is ALWAYS talking smack about everyone's fave bad boy chef, GR and how he used to donkeybang her in the sack.  She's claimed for years that they had a torrid, possibly risotto-fueled, 7-year affair and came out of the whore closet in 2008 to confess to anyone who would listen about the tryst.

Now she's claiming that there's a tape!  A sexy sex tape of sorts that may have fallen into the hands of a stranger!

This is all just SOOO cliche...

In a recent interview, Symonds spewed some horseshit about not wanting the sex tape to come out but then went on to add a big fat HAHA, it would prove me right though, suckas!

Whatevs dude, either way you're kind of a dick.  You should prob just knock it off.

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