The Hell is Going on With Eric Forman's Sister?

Giiirl!  Somebody get Kelso on the phone...bitch needs some career help!

A couple of days ago, Lisa Robin Kelly AKA Laurie Forman from That 70's Show, posed for this sexy mugshot because she had allegedly beaten up her male roommate...that's badass.

She called in to TMZ to set some shit straight though and said that the guy's a lying liar and he beat the crap outta himself.  Wait, what?

Kelly says that she's been having mad drama with the guy and was going to leave for good the night of the incident and he "roughed her up."  She didn't press charges and a short while later he walked to the cop shop and charged her formerly hot ass with corporal injury...a felony...yikes!

Kitty Forman would spank a ho!

Kelly insists he scratched himself up to screw her over.

This isn't the first time she's been in some trouble with the popo...Kelly can also be proud to have this beaut as a DUI mugshot from 2010.

The former actress says that all she wants is to "start working again."

She needs to work on not getting her ass thrown in jail.  Drinking and driving is SUCH a dick move.

Images Via www.dailymail.co.uk

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