Video of the Day! Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Bombed

Kim Kardashian was attending a launch for one of her shitty new perfumes, True Reflection, when she got "flour bombed" by some angry ass, Kim K hatin' chick!

Hahahahahahahaha!  Reflect THAT, ho!

She retreated with her big ass tail between her legs (poor PimpMama Kris looks STUNNED! lol) but came back to finish her walk down the carpet simply saying that the ordeal was the "craziest, unexpected, weirdest thing" that's ever happened to her.  Personally my favorite part is when the crazy chick yelled "FUR HAG!"

Oh yeah, BTW PETA says they didn't do this one...though they DID give props to the assailant on TMZ.

I'm anti-fur but I also don't think people should be chucking household staples at each other to make a point.

Unless they're a Kardashian...

Or a Hilton.  ;)

Image Via www.yahoo.com

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