That Mohamed Dude From RHOBH Stole Joe Francis' Helicopter (Allegedly)

You wanna know what they call it when two things smash up against each other in pop culture weirdness???

SYNERGY!  Jazz hands!

Let's start here > Joe Francis (that douchebag who makes bank from getting drunk girls to show their tits) has misplaced his helicopter...

Yes, that's right.  Dude's all "Where the heck is my helicopter?  I seem to have misplaced my helicopter..."

It turns out that dumbass's only lead seems to be the guy who he went "halfsies" on the chopper with, none other than Mohamed Hadid from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Lisa Vanderpumpme's Buddy).

Hazzah!  Synergy!

Francis is now suing Hadid for the quarter mill he paid him for it.  Thing is, there was no paperwork!  He just gave Mohamed the cash for the sucker and assumed they were brahs or something.

Real swift buddy!

The helicopter has yet to be located.

Image Via www.wetpaint.com  

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