Skinny Jeans Will Probably Give You a Yeast Infection

Ah man!  From now on I am going to assume anyone I see wearing skinny jeans has a yeasty vadge.  That's just great!  

Yahoo.com threw up an article exploring the rise in something called Tight Pants Syndrome.  TPS comes from wearing skinny jeans (or the more douchey "jeggings") suggesting that they are responsible for giving the wearer such issues as nerve compression, heartburn, abdominal discomfort, numbness, lower back pain, yeast infections and belching.


The archives of internal medicine have known this for years but an internist recently noted an increase in patients with the syndrome due to an increase in the sale of skinny jeans.

The only known cure is to throw your ugly fucking hipster jeans away and wear some "sensible slacks" as my ma would say.  So, all together now - chuck those fugly suckers!

Image Via www.online.wsj.com  

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