Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Had a Kid - Named Him Samuel

I miss the old Bennifer sometimes...you remember when Ben was banging J.Lo and together they would make super sexy music videos?  But alas, he ended up with a more low-key Jennifer (taking a look at J.Lo's track record, it's prob for the better) and they have had two little girls.

Ben knocked her up a third time and now finally, the couple welcomes a little boy - Samuel Garner Affleck.

I'm kind of hoping they show him off to the world a la the Lion King.  Heaving him up into the air whilst hip, jungle-inspired music plays in the background.  Prob won't happen though...cool shit I think of never happens...Lame.

Congrats Bennifer (even though you guys aren't as cool as the original.)

I don't know why I felt the need to parentheses that - pretty sure it's some sort of sickness.

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