16 and Pregnant's Whitney Purvis Busted Shoplifting a Pregnancy Test and Using it in the John at Walmart

I don't know if y'all remember Whitney - she was the one who lived with her trashy mother and meemaw in Georgia on season 1 of the trainwreck show...her mom made headlines last year when she was nabbed for meth (which is just sooo unoriginal, am I right?)

Anyways, Whitney was getting her shop on at a local Walmart (again - so cliche) when she shoved a First Response pregnancy test into her hoodie and headed into the john to use it!  Who does that?


According to TMZ, Purvis tried to sneak out of the side door but was apprehended and placed under citizen's arrest by store security.  They called the popo and she was charged with misdemeanor theft.

The pregnancy test was worth a cool $16.

'Sa damn shame isn't it?  'Sa damn shame...

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