New Jersey Wine Shop Bans Snooki for Being Snooki

Free Snooki!!!

In what I perceive to be a pretty shitty financial move by a local establishment in Jersey City (located next to Jwoww and Snooki's upcoming den of iniquities no less) they have posted a sign banning Snooki from their spirits shop!

Appalling!  Does this guy not know how much Snook's drinks?  She'll put his fucking kids through college, man!  Personally, if I were gonna ban anyone from my store it'd be that mouthpiece the Situation and his stupid friend the Unit...

The shore whore hatin' shop owner went on to say, "Even if Jwoww shows up at our front door she will not be let in."

Whoa, now!  The hell did Jwoww do?  She never gets arrested or pisses herself while doing the Jersey Turnpike!  Guilty by association...tsk, tsk...association to Snooki...

Guess their bitches will have to drive them up the street to get some RonRon Juice...

Jionni help save us alllll!!!

Image Via www.tmz.com

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