Sean Young Should Win an Oscar for Most Pathetic Arrest

Oh snap!  Sean Young is effin' cray, yo!

Check out the stunt she pulled the other night at the Oscar party of Oscar parties, the Governor's Ball.

Here's the lowdown...

Sean Young (who was a pretty big deal back in the day - Blade Runner anybody?) got arrested for assaulting a security guard outside the Governor's Ball!  For those of you not in the know so to speak, the Gov's ball is a big effin' deal after the Oscars.  It's like a mixture of pretentious Wolfgang Puck cuisine, BOTH of Angelina's legs and usually Leo!  LEO!!!

Young was allegedly outside the swanky event she wasn't invited to taking pictures with A-listers on their way in - um, WTF, bitch?  I'd feel bad for her but I save all my pity for starving kitty cats, not washed up desperado celeb wannabes.

Apparently, Missus Crazypants nabbed some pretty sweet shots of herself posing with Saint Angelina of Pittopia and Sandra Bullock to name a few.  She promptly shared them to Facebook in a bold (yet super lame) power move and then the amateur paparazzi/former movie star was promptly placed under citizen's arrest by a member of Academy security.

Ha ha - Citizen's arrest?  People do that shit?  

Anyways, she had said she wasn't bothering anyone so they should just leave her the hell alone but when the guy grabbed her arm to place her under citizen's arrest (lol) she smacked him away...and ta-da!  That's assault, brutha!  She got released on $20K bail and insists that footage from X-17 will exonerate her.

Young continues to insist the Academy will issue her a public apology any day now...most likely the day that monkeys fly outta her butt.        


(There.  That should scare the hell outta her.)

Image Via www.onlineathens.com

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