Sinead O'Connor Calls Off Divorce After ‘Mad Lovemaking’ Sesh with Hubby

The fuck?

I have written about Sinead O'Connor more in the past two weeks than I've heard her name mentioned in the past ten years!  It's all due to this stupid Vegas wedding and the general WTFness of it.  I'm not even gonna bother writing this lameass turn of events up - check out the links for the story though if you're into it.

So first she got married randomly to some quack in Vegas.

Then she divorced him and posted some weird shit about drugs and family.

Now they're back on after a "mad lovemaking" session. 

That's it!  I'm not covering this shit anymore!  That's right!  I'm done with this bitch.  Find your Sinead news elsewhere because she has been banished - right along with Speidi and that dumb broad Brooke Hogan!

You're all dead to me!

Image Via www.ca.omg.yahoo.com

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