Sinead O'Connor is the Ugliest Divorcee I have Ever Seen

This is a follow up to a recent past post entitled, Sinead O'Connor is the Ugliest Bride I have Ever Seen.  You see, the article needed a follow up post because...wait for it...

Bitch done got divorced!  After just over 2 damn weeks!  Oh Snap!  Take that Kim Kartrashian!!!

She posted on her stupid website:

Within 3 hours of the ceremony being over the marriage was kyboshed by the behaviour of certain people in my husband's life. And also by a bit of a wild ride i took us on looking for a bit of a smoke of weed for me wedding night as I don't drink. My husband was enormously wounded and very badly effected by that experience and also by the attitude of those close to him toward our marriage. It became apparent to me that if he were to stay with me he would be losing too much to bear. And that being with me was not going to serve him positively , career wise or any other wise. I saw his life leave him because of how people close to him reacted. And I can't take anyone's life. And a woman wants to be a joy to her husband. So.. U love someone? Set them free.

He is a wonderful man. I love him very much. I'm sorry I'm not a more regular woman. I truly believe though it is painful to admit, we made a mistake rushing into getting married, for altruistic reasons, and weren't aware or prepared for the consequences on my husband's life and the lives of those close to him. He has been terribly unhappy and I have therefore ended the marriage. I think he is too nice to do so. And too nice to trap.

He is as I said, a wonderful man. We part amicably. I wish him to be free and happy and loved and supported and for him to have privacy as that is utmost important for his job and for the children he treats as a therapist so I plead on theirs and his behalf for media to please leave him and his family alone. I really beg this.

Meh, beg all you want, woman...I truly feel that it is my right as a human being to make fun of other human beings who act like assholes in public.  Anyways, the marriage is over, Sinead is single...

No one cares.

PS - I don't either, I just think her "press releases" are a fucking hoot!

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