Demi Lovato and Fez Broke Up

'Sup with Wilmer Valderrama, man?  Dude only dates 18-year-olds who work for Disney...

And he's been doing it since friggin' Lindsay Lohan was 18!  That's cray, yo!  Who is this guy?  Fucking Telly from Kids?   

Well, his latest 18-year-old girlfriend, Demi Lovato (she's 19 now but was 18 when they got together), and his 31 year old penis have called it quits - SO SAD!   Pfft...

Demi took to twitter (don't they all?) to post some shit about not needing a man and blah blah blah so she seems to be doing okay with it.  Fez, on the other hand, is now on the hunt for his newest 18-year-old...

Look out Bridgit Mendler and Naomi Scott!!!  You have just been named the hottest up and comers at Disney AND your 18!!!

If you see that asshat Fez coming your way > RUN BITCHES RUN!

Image Via www.fanpop.com

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