Jimmy Fallon Goes to Bayside High! Saved by the Bell Cast Reunites - VIDEO

Friends forever, bitches!!!

Last night the never-aging cast of Saved by the Bell joined forces with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to re-create a few memorable moments from the epic 90s Saturday morning staple and it was just as super fucking awesome as it sounds.

Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, AC Slater and Jessie Spano all showed up in a pre-filmed 8 min skit with the late night jokester complete with bigass cellular phones the size of a brick and a shout out to Jessie Spano's super stupid one-ep caffeine addiction when she got too damn excited lol...


Check it out >

DAMN!  Belding got big yo!  

Noticeably missing were Lisa Turtle and Samuel "Screech" Powers.  Lark Voorhies hasn't commented on missing out on the reunion and it seems like Screech is still in trouble after stabbing some dude in a bar.

Time out.  What the hell?

Allegedly Screech got all stab happy at a bar on Christmas Day (classy) and injured a man who was pissed off that Screech wouldn't shake his woman's hand.  He was charged with second-degree recklessly endangering safety, disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon and is still dealing with the court case.  He had also had major fall out with the cast since writing a tell all slash making an unauthorized flick which basically condemned them all as a bunch of horny jerks who bullied him so maybe they just weren't interested in working with his porn-making ass again.

Anywho, well done Fallon!  Only thing that could've made it better is if Johnny Dakota would've stopped by looking a hot Lindsay Lohan mess because "there's no hope with dope."

That or the ghost of Becky the duck.

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