Brandi Glanville Gets Married - Vegas Britney Spears Style!

I love me some Brandi!  I could totally get my drink on with this chick!  Sooo much cooler than that dumb bitch, LeAnn!  She's still got the stank of being a husband stealer on her country singing ass!  And shit stinks...shit stinks real bad...

Now, as for a quickie justforfun wedding in Vegas?  That, I am not so down with, I do believe in marriage and think it is something special (not just something to do)...but hey, this is Brandi's show life so let's just go with it!

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The story seems to go that she got wasted with her "BFF", Darin Harvey, in Vegas and married him after a few two many beers and a few too many strippers...it was all in good fun? though and an annulment was always in the plans afterwards.  (Apparently, the dude is on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her, but I don't recognize him???  If he was in any scenes with Mauricio though, I was prob staring at his FINE ass!  CALIENTE!)

Now, I get that chicks like to get married for god only knows what reason but I just don't get why!  Getting married sounds like about the least damn fun thing you can go do to me.  Unless I get to sit on my fat ass drinking Vodka (not in a big uncomfortable dress) while being entertained by the singer from Old School, and being fed Big Macs by a nekkid ass Ryan Reynolds - I ain't into it.  Bleh!  It all just feels soooo cliche at every one!  Homey don't play cliche -  

Anyways, Brandi married her BFF and is now getting it annulled.  It was weird, but life moves on...

Que sera sera, bitches!

And Editors Note:  Why the fuck isn't Brandi a Housewife yet on Bev Hills???  Get that crazy ass Kim outta there before she implodes and pass the torch already!  Brandi's on more than she is anyway...for realz - why the eff is Kim always moving???  That may be another blog post for another time though...

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