Jennifer Hudson Was Supposed to Play Precious?

Oh, shut the hell up!

You know what bugs me about J-Hud up there?  It's not the fact that her roots stem from douchebags-are-us-extravaganza American Idol, it's not even that she made a stupid musical and won an Oscar for it, (Sidenote: Abigail Breslin was robbed, yo!  Little Miss Sunshine was the shiz!)  No.  It's the fact that she goes on and on about her damn weight loss 24-fucking-7!

I swear to god, there is not one day that I don't turn on the TV and see this chick talking about how her formerly fat ass is now currently less fat (ass).  We get it, dude!  You laid off the fried chicken and shit...like get a tattoo, man!  Yeesh.

Anyways, now since her baser weight loss schtick is gettin' older than Madonna's saggy tittays she is trying to get press by saying that she was supposed to play Precious in that god awful movie I never saw with Mariah Carey lookin' all busted up and shit.  Well hot damn!  You were supposed to be in the highly acclaimed title role of Precious???  Pfft!  This is setting off my bullshit radar quicker than a Kardashian wedding!

J-Hud says she had spent so much time weening away her big booty that she didn't want to put any weight back on to play the role (again with the weight - FUCK!)  Bottom line, she still sucks and now may be possibly lying for press. 

And PS - how much did she like totally SUCK in Sex and the City?  Fucking movie ruining a-hole. 

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