Khloe Kardashian Used to be More Bangable

Let me start by saying, I actually like Khloe...Lamar is ai'ight too.  Making a fragrance was pretty douchey but other than that little hiccup, I feel like they keep shit pretty real.

Anyways, when Khloe posted a shitload of pics on her celebuzz page the other day, one of them went viral - it was this one below of a slimmer, blonder Khloe. 

It was an old Christmas picture (pre-fame and faux-fabness) taken at her pimp's mom's house and in it are her bro Rob and sis Kourtney. 

She should go back to blonde!  Disassociate your ass from KIM, dude!  She's damaged goods, yo!

Images Via www.khloekardashian.celebuzz.com

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