Michaele Salahi's Man Neal Schon Posts His Dick on Facebook UPDATED

Christ!  Thank GOD that Michaele never went ahead with that fake surrogacy she was yappin' about to Harvey Levin a whiles back...the only positive thing I can say about this ho is that she never pro-created!

As many of you know, hot on the heels of escaping from the hot damn mess of lies she made with turdy Tareq Salahi, Michaele was able to find love again...very publicly...with the dude from Journey.  (Actually she cheated on Tareq with him so it kind of overlapped.)  Ain't marriage grand?

So I was thinking, Oh shit, dude from Journey!  Don't date her!  She's going to bleed your ass dry! but alas, she must put out a lot or something because he's continued wooing her bony ass and has been buying her copious amounts of panties and Bentleys.

But hold up!  Turns out HE may not be the sucker here...

Allegedly, yesterday Schlong Schon took down his FB account because he sent out a GD awful picture of himself pulling an Anthony Wiener and taking a peen shot in his shitter....BAHAHA!  Seriously, all you can see is him, his cock and the fucking toilet!!!  Priceless!  The kicker is, he was supposedly trying to send it to another chick!

The anonymous poster Tareq said, "THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, yesterday Neal Schon had to delete his Facebook account due to Michaele Salahi not liking the fact he is a major FB creep.  Neal Schon sent this picture to a married woman and her husband actaully [sic] intercepted it.  And now, it is my gift to Tariq [sic] to embarrass the hell out of Michael [sic] and Neal."

Oh snap!  The pic is embarrassing!  Dude's all tan and shiny, standing there in front of his toilet, trying to cheat on Michaele... 

(And sorry, I would've embedded the pic but Nik Ritchie's lawyers are no joke about that shit.  Just hit that last link.)

UPDATED 19/12/11:  Oh snap!  Schon freaked out and went all legal eagle on The Dirty.  The pictures and post have been removed.  Story HERE.

Image Via  www.newyorkpost.com

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