Giuliana Rancic's Non-Apology Tweet to Zendaya is Not Going Over Well...

Ugh, Giuliana Rancic has been a boil on the ass of TV since the motherfucking get go...

Stupid Ryan Seacrest.

On that awful E show Fashion Police (Oscar edition, yo) Giuliana Rancic managed to piss off most of the pop-culture nation by vomiting up this idiot observation about 18 yo Disney princess Zendaya's Oscar look >

"This hair to me overwhelms her.  Like I feel like she smells like patchouli oil. Or weed. Maybe weed?"

Really dude?  Really?

Zendaya took to Instagram to shut this bitch up writing >

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Good girl.

This caused Giuliana to stop not eating for a minute and take to twitter with a ridiculous non-apology.

Ummm...that shit doesn't even make sense.

Twitter has been DRAGGING the super skinny E host since she posted that little gem (B T Dubs - death threats are not necessary peeps, if you feel the need to post crazy shit like that your ass needs to get off the internet and go get your life together) and then about 2 hours after the crap hit the fan and ALL OF TWITTER got on Rancic for being an idiot, Kelly Osbourne started chiming in >


Not a fan of Kelly or anyone on the show for that matter but good for her.  A little weird that she didn't stick up for her friend right away but what with editing and such she may have and we just didn't see it.  Also a little wonky that Kelly gets paid to make snide comments about the way people look yet is just now showing some semblance of a moral compass about it but that's a whole other blog post...

The future of the show seems rocky as hell but Rancic is Ryan Seacrest's BFF so I highly doubt he'll chuck her under the short bus.

Y'all shouldn't watch that garbage anyways.  It's a mean girl show disguised as a fashion show... 

A pig in a Chanel suit.

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