Kanye West Douches Out at the Grammys...Again

Haha.  Killer boots, dude!  Fashionista my ass...

Last night at the Grammys, Kanye and Kimbo (wearing a velvet suit and a housecoat for some reason) continued being awful, selfish people by throwing this years winner of Best Album, Beck some mad shade for not being Beyonce.

'Ye didn't full out pull a Taylor Swift on Beck but did make sure to take his shine and put it back on him, his good for nothing wife and that photo-shopping obsessed Beyonce.

But aye!  It wasn't enough for Yeezy to just do that.  He NEEDS the people to know that what he thinks is what they should think so he went on one of his super moronic rants about how his favorite music should be EVERYONE'S favorite music and fuck y'all if it's not, you deaf peasants!

He then proceeded to rip all the E! logo decals off the mics lol.

That's deep, yo.

Check it out >

Kim's face is priceless through most of it.  She's thinking, "Fuck, I told him not to say this shit.  He told me he was gonna say all this shit in the car and I told him not to say it..."  

What's the deal anyways?  Do they like have to send Kanye tickets or what?  I'm not into banning people from shit but I am into limiting the number of stupid people that are around and I think maybe next year...

No tix for Kimye...He can rant and rave to his vadge-flashing wife at home.

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