Randy Quaid Posted a Super Crazy Ass Video "to Rupert Murdoch"

Randy Quaid has lost his goddamn mind.

Five days ago Randy Quaid (and his wife) uploaded a video to vidme called "Message to Rupert Murdoch" and it is just meeeeesssssy as all hell.

I'm not too sure if they're still in Canada (God help us all) but there's a few clues they may be in my neck of the woods...plaid sheets...a toque...shit like that.  It looks to be filmed in a hotel room but I mean who the hell really knows.

Quaid starts off by getting his bitch on about Newscorp and Warner Brothers lamenting that he's "...earned well over a billion dollars for Independence Day and Christmas Vacation."  He says that WB exec Bruce Berman stole his house (yeah right crazy pants - that dude's like no joke) and that he was falsely arrested by TMZ 6 times.

What.  The.  Fuck?

Now I'm no legal eagle but I am pretty damn sure that you cannot be arrested by TMZ and/or Harvey Levin but Quaid insists there is a massive conspiracy going down!  He is convinced that PMC (Police Media Corruption) is happening!  Police Media Corruption is happening people!!!  Apparently only to Randy Quaid for some reason...and maybe that dude from Creed.

Nonetheless!  Randy Quaid would rather drown in piss then go down without a fight!

This is when shit gets real.

He gets his icky wife to put on a Rupert Murdoch mask because "...if Rupert is gonna fuck [him] then [he's] gonna fuck Rupert."

You may wanna stop watching at the one and a half minute mark as Quaid appears to start banging his wife while their dog barks his ass off at the two crazies.  It's pretty nasty and certainly NSFW so volume down for the lookie loos.

Here's the vid >

Ugh, poor dog.

Image Via www.vid.me/TsNm

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