This Florida Dude Called 911 Eighty Times for Kool-Aid, Burgers and Weed

Oh Florida!  You so cray...

Check out this ratchet ass mouthbreather!  His name is Jarvis Sutton, he's 34 and he looooves smoking some weed, eating some burgers and drinking some Kool-Aid.  He loves it so damn much that when he was out of his nightly staples he called 911 approx. eighty times to get some more!

Boom!  Drop the mic and walk away, foo'...

Evidently, 911 didn't think that his emergency was as legit as he did so instead of get his take out order ready they sent some of the men in blue to go arrest his jonesing, hungry butt and they hauled it down to the local jail.

And just for bonus points, on the way cops said the jerkoff kept trying to gnaw on the back of the cop car seats which doesn't really surprise me because he sounds like he's pretty stupid AND he never got his burgers and Kool-Aid.

Sutton is still in jail because obvi he doesn't have any money let alone the $150 he's being charged for misusing the 911 system.  Prob still hungry...definitely still stupid.

Image Via www.wtsp.com

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