Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Sold - Back Door Teen Mom Release Imminent

'Swith these Teen Moms, man???  I thought the whole point of the show (which the cast shamelessly argues is true) was to show real teen moms and their hardships.  All I'm seeing are a bunch of drug addicts and fame hungry hobags.

For realz.

But drug addicts aside, OG Teen Mom's resident hobag, Farrah Abraham (the one who berates her poor parents on national television), has sold her "private" sex tape for a cool million bucks to superstar porn company Vivid.

One born every minute...

The porno will be titled Backdoor Teen Mom which is just too fucking easy to make fun of and was previously the crux of much controversy.

You see, Farrah says she hates porn, she hates that industry and she is "very religious."  Therefore she had to make something up to defend herself when she made (an apparently anal) porn.  So she told Dr. Phil and Twitter and anyone who would listen that she simply made the tape for personal use so she could look back on it when she's older and reminisce about how hot she looked banging some porn star when she was young.

Lol - I know...I don't think anyone needs to say anything.

James Deen (her porn costar) had previously outed her for her lies but this chick's whole MO is deny, deny, deny...

It's seventy minutes long and should be hitting the shelves soon in case you need a reason to poke your damn eyes out with a spoon.

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