Chris Kelly Dead at 34 (The Guy From Kris Kross who Wasn't Daddymac)

Oh daaaamn!  That shit was my jam back in the day!

Anyone who grew up in or around the nineties knows Chris Kelly.  He was half of a rap duo who wore their gear backwards and busted rhymes about jumping and missing buses.  They were second only to Kid and Play as gimmicky rapsters and had quite a run at musical infamy from 92-98.

He passed away yesterday in Atlanta.  No cause has been given.

Sad.  RIP.

UPDATE:  According to that nosy bitch Harvey, the rapper was using cocaine and heroin (speedballs) the night before he passed away.  Nothing is confirmed but it's likely the drugs at least played a part in his death.

Image Via www.fashionbombdaily.com

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