Video of the Day! Al Roker Shit his Pants at the White House

Now...lemme start by saying this is not a video of Al Roker actually shitting himself at the White House.  I just sort of liked that post title!

Let me also iterate that homey had recently undergone gastric bypass surgery and apparently this is a side effect.  (Because I ain't tryin' to hate on anyone trying to get healthy or anything :))

Thing about me is that I'm fairly immature and I laugh when people say stuff like teabag and unit in public so I'll always think pants shitting is funny.  Even if it is a medical thing...

Did that sound bitchy?

Anywho, regardless of how funny shitting your pants is, the way this reporter on Dateline is all super blasé about the fact that he shat himself and had to go commando for the rest of the night is also notable...that's just downright creepy!

Like laugh already, bitch!  It's a shat story!

Image Via www.breitbart.com

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