Bethenny Frankel's Divorce and Why it Sucks to be Jason Hoppy

Below the bitchy exterior and non-stop mentions of how damaged and messed-up she thinks she is, Bethenny Frankel is, at the core, a businesswoman - and right now she is in the business of getting divorced! 

Look out, Jason!!!    

TMZ reports that some initial "negotiations" have begun in the sawthatonecoming divorce of Jill Zarin hater Bethenny and her real estate hubby Jason Hoppy.  (Bethenny recently filed for divorce after just 2 short reality television filled years of BS and bickering.)  

Looks like she's really going for the 18-year-long jugular here and wants some serious swag for her and Bryn!  She's worth over $25 million but is apparently saving up for her next divorce or something because she wants HIM to support her rich ass...

She wants > 

"-Child support ... retroactive from the date she filed for divorce
-Medical, dental, optical, therapeutic, and orthodontic expenses for HER and her child
-Life insurance that makes both her and the kid beneficiaries"

Damn woman!  Pay for your own mouthguard!  And why would Bethenny still be a beneficiary on his life insurance?!?  Give the guy a break, man!  If Bethenny gets this and he dies shortly after, Imma be all sorts of suspicious...  

TMZ also said she wants exclusive custody of their home and primary custody of Bryn.  There is a prenup, so though she wants his cash, as far as she's concerned Jason can go ahead and take it up the butt with a bottle of Skinnygirl margarita because that's the closest he's ever gonna get to being part of her fucking empire.

Your move, Bravo Jason.

Image Via www.zimbio.com

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