Donald Trump Might Sue Bill Maher for Telling a Joke on Leno - VIDEO

Ooooh!  There's going to be hell toupee now!  See what I did there?!?!  

Here's what went down >

Maher was on Leno a couple of nights ago (I watched it - he insulted Snooki and JWoww- it was pretty awesome) and during the show he cracked that Trump and his hair were the "spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan."  We all laughed and the world kept spinnin'.  It was a non-event.  A joke on a late night talk show.

But aye!  Apparently not everyone was laughing...This made Trump mad!  You wouldn't like him when he's mad, Bill!  He turns into this litigious monster with a combover and a twitter account.  It's pretty fucking scary.

As expected, Trump's ass got into a sue-happy knot, he got off of twitter, wiped the little girl tears from his eyes and sent a copy of his birth certificate to Maher's people along with a note of demand tout suite!

Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump's birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan. Please remit the $5 million to Mr. Trump immediately and he will ensure that the money be donated to the following five charities in equal amounts: Hurricane Sandy Victims, The Police Athletic League, The American Cancer Society, The March of Dimes, and The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. (Excerpt)

Combover McScrooge says that if Maher doesn't pay up, he's gonna (big shock here) SUE!!!  

What a little bitch...

As of right now, Maher isn't playing his reindeer games but he has time to respond.  Pretty sure he won't but it will be hilarious if he does!  Guy's got panache, yo!

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