Kids Say The Darndest Things! Check out These Dumbass Letters/Essays from Kids

I don't have any kids...I have fur babies...they are super awesome...

Melt bitches!  That's Sampson and his forced french Canadian stepbrother The Judge (he's a separatist - we try to roll wit it.)

PS - Ignore that ass to ass shit, I don't know why they do that.

Anywho, just because I don't have any doesn't mean I have anything against the little snotbags cuties.  At the very least having a kid would give me someone to watch cartoons with during the day (I find Tiny Toons particularly enjoyable) and I think it's HILAR that they don't know what the hell is going on and you can mess with them.

Check out these cutie patootie letters written by some random ankle-biters little angels....

Yeah Junior!  Plain donuts are COMPLETE bullshit.

Images Via www.widk.com

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