Gangnam Singer Psy Used to Rap About "Painfully Killing" U.S. Soldiers

Gotta say, didn't really see THAT one coming...GOOOOONG!

I have never posted anything about this Gangnam Style idiocy.  I thought it was pretty fucking stupid from jump street even though everyone insisted on losing their shit over it.  For some reason I've always kind of felt like jumping on bandwagons is insulting to my intelligence, but I can also quote scenes from The Hills and I know Kim Kardashian's middle name so my intelligence is negligible at best...

This shit is juicy though!!!  

NY Post is reporting that the beloved little chunky nugget of Korean rap pop is a hater, yo!    

In 2004 (when a South Korean missionary was executed in Iraq) Psy performed this little ditty called Dear American with a popular Korean rock band...Peep the lyrics >

Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture 
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers  
Kill them all slowly and painfully.

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!  Bitch be throwin' mad shade!

Apparently in 2002 he also smashed a toy American tank on stage in response to the death of two Korean school girls, who were killed in an accident with an American military vehicle near Seoul.

Psy currently holds the records for most downloaded song on iTunes and the most-viewed video in YouTube history (Suck it Biebeeeeer!)  The Hollywood Reporter says he made an estimated $8 million evil "fucking Yankee" dollars from Gangnam Style thus far...

...and numbers continue to climb while talent continues to take a back seat to popularity.

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