Kate Middleton Is Royally Knocked Up

Blimey!  Everyone is losing their shit over THIS one!

Prince William and Pippa's ass's sister are with child!  A new royal is imminent, ya monarchy-lovin' bitches!  Start the baby pools!

Evidently, the palace wasn't going to announce that William's royal penis had impregnated the dainty Duchess  but what with the world being one big fucking TABLOID nothing can happen without being sullied by the hand of modern man and his ferocious appetite for gossip.

Y'all assholes ruin everything... ;)

When Kate couldn't stop blowing mad crumpet chunks she was admitted to King Edward VII hospital - once news hit that she was in the hospital - the pregnancy was announced.  She is still in the early stages...

Congrats!  Now just send that sexy bitch Harry over to Canada...I would very much like to play strip billiards with him.

Boom!  He is sooooo the best Prince EVER!

Image Via www.eonline.com
Image Via www.tmz.com

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