Mike Sorrentino Has a Legal Situation

Ugh!  This guy is such a little girl...

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has been in a legal battle with a stupid vodka company no one has ever heard about for about a month and though he threw the first punch, they aren't just going to back down like that poor, pathetic Paula chick!

The suit that the Bitchuation filed alleged that Devotion Vodka company owed him $5 million because he helped them build their brand by being a spokesperson for them.  Gotta say, I watch this stupid crap all the time and I have never heard him say ANYTHING about vodka...even when he was drinking vodka!


Devotion Vodka has filed a counter suit with unspecified damages claiming that he breached the contract.  They say he >

-Constantly showed up late to events 
-Concealed an alleged drug problem
-Was seen asking investors for weed (Lol - That one's pretty bad...)
-Refused to do interviews at events 
-Constantly demanded extra perks for his friends 

They also allege that at an event in NJ last year Princess Abs "locked himself in the bathroom and refused come out."  Apparently, when he came out he was "sniffing" and security guards said they found a "cocaine-like residue."  Sounds like a drug problem to me!  

Devotion says the contract was terminated in March 2012 when Sorrentino checked into rehab.

I'm Team Devotion!  Vodka is my jam!  JAAAAAM!  

(Damn!  Now I kind of wish I had some vodka...)

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