COPS...Cancelled?!?! MAMA NOOOOOO!!!

After 25 seasons COPS may be getting cancelled!  UNLIKE!!!  UNLIKE!!!

The WSJ did a piece on the show's upcoming season and they just dropped this little poop bomb like it was no biggie...

"Though some TV watchers might be surprised to discover it's still on the air, the show begins a 25th season next month. It is the longest-running entertainment series on prime-time network television. Moreover, 850 episodes in, the series has earned about $400 million through reruns alone. But it's possible this will be its final season on Fox.

To make room for sports, the network slashed the number of episodes it ordered. "Cops" co-creator John Langley says the show's future on Fox is "uncertain and problematic.""

To make room for sports?!?  Isn't sports on all the goddamn time???  I get a Sports Channel I don't want that games and shit are on like 25-8, yo! 

Won't anyone think of the tranny crackheads???

As for the show becoming "problematic" Imma just chalk that up to cameramen not wanting to work on it anymore...with all these reality shows now, which would you prefer?  Chasing after a shirtless guy with a meth lab in his Walmart jeans or filming Kim Kardashian's T and A all day long while Bruce gives you golf tips???  


RIP COPS.  Far as TV shows go - I loved you, man.  I really did.

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